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Casa Sabila, Chefhounen, Morocco


Guest house and breakfast. Five rooms with en suite bathrooms done in stunning, elegant Arabic architecture. Has air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and televisions in each room. The beds are comfortable and this is a unique experience. The staff is like family, multi lingual, and reads Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Centrally located, they will help arrange transport from Tangier.

Casa Sabila website

Cafe Restaurant Sofia, Chefchounen, Morocco


Vegetarian friendly. This humble mother-daughter run restaurant serves some of the best food in town. We tried a tabouleh, homemade cheese on a fresh salad and the chicken tagine. I am sorry that I cannot do more to direct you there, but if you ask, everyone knows.

L'Ancora della Tortuga, Monterosso al Mare, Italy


Vegetarian friendly. This beautiful restaurant is located in the New Town of Monterosso, just before the tunnel. It overlooks the sea and is open only seasonally. The food is regional, it is excellent and the menu features fresh seafood. Their bread is to die for. Their vegetarian lasagne will have you hearing angels. Even if you prefer meat, I would order this - it is the best you will ever have.

Restaurant website

Hotel Baia, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy


Spacious rooms, many overlooking the sea. They have the following: bathrooms en suite; continental breakfast; private beach area; internet; air conditioning; some private balconies; a full bar; great location; excellent staff.

Hotel Baia Website

Ristorante Belvedere, Monterosso al Mare, Italy


Located in Garibaldi Square in the old town of Monterosso, this is a great dining option for couples or families or even large groups. Regional Ligurian cuisine with an emphasis on seafood.

restaurant website

Ristorante CIAK, Monterosso al Mare, Italy


Located in the heart of Old Town Monterosso right next to the local duomo, Ristorante CIAK is an intimate choice for dinner. They specialize in regional fare and seafood. One thing I didn't appreciate was their use of pre-made pasta. I know it's Italy and the packaged pasta is probably better than anything in the States, but at an Italian restaurant, in ITALY. Why?

Restaurant website

Il Massimo della Foccicia, Monterosso al Mare, Italy


The best focaccia in the world can be found throughout the Ligurian region of Italy. Il Massimo is my favorite. They have an excellent onion focaccia (along with other flavors) and will sell you a slice with a napkin so you can take it to munch while walking along the beach. I have tried for years to replicate this recipe and I will post my latest success. You can find them along the boardwalk at 19016 Italy, Via Fegina, 50, Monterosso al Mare SP, Italy

Ristorante Nuovo Eden, Monterosso al mare, Italy


You cannot miss this restaurant, it sits alone on the beach side of the boardwalk in New Town Monterosso and has an expansive outdoor deck. I spent every night of my first trip to Italy having a glass of wine while overlooking the Mediterranean and of course had to drag Mr. C there for sentimentality. Service is spotty, food is good, but wine comes with a small bite like potato chips (yay!) or olives and a spectacular view. Address: Via Fegina, 7, 19016 Monterosso al Mare SP, Italy

Hector Cave House, Oia, Santorini, Greece


Google Hector Cave House and you will find that it is one of the top places to stay on the island. There are actually three "houses" under this name - all owned and managed by the same wonderful people. We stayed in the middle one - just a single bedroom but space for two more to sleep in the living room (like if you had kids). The plunge pool is in the sun all day, so it makes for a great way to enjoy the heat. I had the privilege of seeing the house below ours, it's much larger, more shady and just as beautiful.

Link to Hector Cave House via airbnb